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Brawley Christian Academy was founded by Christians for the benefit of all families who desire to have their children learn and grow up in a safe and family-oriented school where patriotism is valued, prayer is routine and

God is given His rightful place.


Due to the directives given out by the Imperial County Public Health Department, Brawley Christian Academy will be temporarily closed beginning on March 20 - April 17. School will resume on April 20th. 

We have taken steps to create a contingency plan which includes guidance for parents, continuing education, and supplemental resources to assist parents during this time. A webpage has been created to consolidate information relating to the closure (see below). Rest assured, that we will continue to lead in your child's education and progress. All teachers are ready and willing to help parents with their student. Keep us in prayer as we work together!

A Ministry

A Ministry

Education is synonymous to the words "raise up" found in  Ephesians 6:4 and Proverbs 22:6.  God commands parents to raise up their children in the admonition of the Lord.  Brawley Christian Academy faithfully fulfills this requirement by providing a faithfully-consistent, academically rigorous and comprehensive education.  

Students are not required to be Christians to attend BCA.  Therefore, the gospel is preached to students, parents, and visitors every day.  Christ is glorified through the curriculum: creation, mathematics, science, history, language - it all points to the Savior.

All of these services is tantamount to ministry.

Wholesome Environment

Students enjoy a friendly environment at Brawley Christian Academy.  It doesn't mean that there won't be problems.  However, when issues surface, the staff, parents and occasionally, the Principal will intervene using biblical steps which includes forgiveness and reconciliation.  

The safe environment contributes towards student growth, academic success, social development, character building and blessings for their family.

Academic Excellence

The curriculum, the environment, the supportive staff and parents makes learning fun and attainable at Brawley Christian Academy. 


Teacher-student ratio is 1:15 maximum.  This allows teachers to focus more on individual needs, manage their classrooms effectively, and supplement lessons to help students learn in creative ways.  

Our standardized tests prove that our students are learning at rates that far exceed public or charter schools.  




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