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All newly enrolled students must call to schedule an interview for enrollment. 

All 2-8th grade students interested in enrolling to BCA must fill out a Student Application. Once completed, please contact the main office to schedule a walkthrough and interview. Looking forward to meeting you!


After you've been accepted, this Enrollment Packet is used to register. If you'd like to enroll a new student, other than Kinder and 1st grade, you will need to download and apply using the Student Application first (download below).


All currently enrolled students may use the Enrollment Packet to re-enroll. If you have any questions please contact 760-344-3911 or use the "Contact Form" on the website.

Enrollment Packet 2022-23

This packet is used after a student is accepted or re-enrolling.

School Documents

All documents and files may also be requested from the main office during regular business hours.

Calendar 2023-24

Student Handbook 2023-24

Tuition Rates 2023-24

Student Supply List 2020-2021

Location of where to buy uniforms.

Quickview Calendar 2021 - 2022

Calendar 21-22 updated 2.jpg
Document Locatin




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