Quick Downloads

New students must apply first.
Accepted students or re-enrolling students may download the Enrollment Packet.

Admissions Process

We welcome all families who have a desire to place their child in a
Christian school to apply. 
We require applying students to have a minimum 2.0 GPA and a clean disciplinary record (minor disciplinary infractions may be waived).    


Download this PDF form and fill in all the correct details!


Call the office and schedule an appointment with the Principal to review the application.


If approved, you will receive the Enrollment Packet which will need to be completed.  Once that is filled and fee's are paid, you child begins!

Tuition & Fees

In order to remain at liberty to teach a Christian worldview without any government interference, BCA does not receive any funding from federal/state entities.  All funding comes from tuition, financial gifts, and additional fundraisers.  
"I've worked with school's all over the nation, and I've never met a school like Brawley Christian Academy that offers so much and charges so little."  
- Mike Dobreski, President of Executive Educational Consultants. LLC

Enrollment Packet

The Enrollment Packet contains all the documents needed to completely enroll a student at BCA. Students who have been accepted or are re-enrolling should complete these forms and turn them in as soon as possible.
Students in grades 1-12 who have not been interviewed or accepted should download the Application Packet and call the school to setup an appointment. Kindergarten does not need to apply, but must be interviewed by the Principal.




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